Fabric Roller Heat Press Machine

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This calendar machine is suitable for heat press printing of both roll materials andsheet materials as well as sublimation transfer of banners, flags, T-shirts, nonwoven, apparel fabrics, towels, blankets, mouse pad, belts, Etc.

Beyond that, it particularly works well on continuous transfer of cloth, which canmeet the customers’ requirement of small batch products. Also the testing printingfor big factory sample.

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Technical Parameters

No. JC-26B
Brand Name Asiaprint
Item Name Heat Transfer Rotary
Printing/drum width 1800 mm  70.8 inch
Roller diameter 600 mm  23.6 inch
Voltage 220V/380V/440V/480V
Rated output 48.6 KW
Speed 0-10m/min
Weight 2100 KG
Feeding Method Top feeding
Working Table Including
Other Size  Available 
Air Compressor Required  Required
Blanket Material Nomex: High temperature resistance
Drum Surface Chrome: High hardness and abrasion performance
Drum  Oil 100%
Temperature range(℃) 0-399
Time range(S) 0-999
Color Customized
Main machine packing Size 284*168*190 CM
Worktable packing Size 244*67*135 CM
Warranty 1 year
MOQ 1 set


1. Tension shaft: Automatically adjust the size according to the thickness and length of cloth and hot stamping paper etc. Reduce unnecessary trouble.

2. Security system: When an emergency occurs, it can be stopped in an emergency to protect personal safety and fabric pollution. such as the hard object is caught in the machine or the transfer effect not what you want.

3. Manual felt returning device: In case of emergency or unnecessary use, the blanket can be completely separated from the machine to protect the blanket and increase its service life.

4. Auto turn off function: Cool down after put the button and continue to rotate the blanket, protect the blanket from being damaged, until after the temperature dropped to 90 degree, the machine will automatically turn off.

5. Automatic edge correction system: The induction system can automatically correct the edge of the blanket and then correct it, prevent the position of the heat transfer from being inaccurate, reduce the loss and reduce the labor cost.

6. PLC touch screen controlling, automatic, convenient

There are below advantages why our client chooses our machine:

1. The printing effect is very good. reasons:

1). Our roller drum is perfect lathing inside and outside, make sure the thickness gap in 5 mm.

2). We extra install steam pressure valve makes temperature is very steady and accurate.

3). We put the 100% great wall conduction oil.

4). High-quality blanket, mare sure it will not move space to left or right when working, and blanket will not shrink, wrinkle, deformation.

2. Machine safety working: some factories are using seamed oil drum, which will leak oil when machine working, also they put the oil box from the roller, it's very dangerous if the oil contact air when the machine is working that will cause an explosion.

However our machine adopts a seamless oil drum and oil put into the drum, make sure the oil is only working without contact air, and we adopt high-quality bearings which can resist high temperature.

3. We extra add anti oxygen, will no carbon, much durable, extend the machine life.

4. The latest innovation for alarm device, that you can set it's maxed temperature allowance before the machine working, in this case, the machine real temperature will never exceed the allowance temperature, even caused by suddenly but can not resist circulation. In a word, with this alarm device, it can protect the machine and your factory well, you can be 100% assured use our machine.

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