What Size Heat Press Should I Get?

With so many heat press options for your business and hobby needs, it can be overwhelming to figure out what best fits your needs. In this guide series we will break down the things you need to consider, so you can figure out which heat press is best for you.

There are a couple of considerations you need make before picking out a heatpress:

1.Size: How big a heat press should you buy?(Large or Small format)

2.Style: Should you get a Clamshell or Swing Away Heat Press?

3.Materials: What are you planning to Heat Press (fabric, mugs, caps, bag etc)

4.Function: How the heat press releases. Manual, Auto Open, Hydraulic or Air Operated

5.Volume: How many things are you planning to make with your heat press? 

 There are many kinds of modles of  heat press machine.The following is an example of it:


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Post time: Jun-09-2021