Transfer Film Production

Regarding the Source of Transfer Film:

1.Purchase raw material film film.


2.Through the formula of our own factory, the film is coated with six layers, two layers in the front and four layers in the back.


3. The machine drives, coats the film with a layer of film, then passes through the drying system, and then coats the next layer after drying to complete the initial production of the transfer film.


4. Use a cutting machine to cut the finished transfer film.


5.Pack and pack the split transfer film.


Flow Chart

Raw material - Coating - Drying - Cutting - Packing


1. Raw material thickness 75μ, 80-85μ after coating.


2. After the transfer film is made, it will be cut into different sizes of film by a custom cutting machine, and then packaged. The main sizes are 30, 33, 40, 45, 60, 63cm. Generally, the film is 100m/roll, 30cm is 4 rolls/box, and 60cm is 2 rolls/box.


3. In terms of packaging, we use thickened cartons to ensure that the film is not damaged during transportation.


4. Our film is widely used, can be cold tear, can be hot tear.


5. The transfer film has a thick coating and is not easy to scrape off. Compared with other general films, it can be stored for a longer time, and can be stored for half a year to a year.


6. Good ink absorption, the printed ink will not fall off.


The quality of the transfer film mainly depends on several aspects:

1. Crystal Brightness?

Answer: A good transfer film, its brightness will be higher

2. Is the coating printing uniform?

Answer: The coating is uniform, and the transfer effect will be better.

3. Will ink flow after printing?

Answer: If the ink will flow, it means that the ink absorption of the transfer film is not good.

4. After hot stamping, tear off the degree of detachment of the transfer film?

Answer: The higher the degree of detachment, the better the transfer effect and the better the quality of the transfer film.

5. Is the coating easy to scratch off?

Answer: The coating is easy to scrape off, indicating that the coating is thin and not firm.


Post time: Oct-20-2022