The Most Popular A3 A4 DTF Printer Of 2021


A3 DTF Printer it’s the model for small and medium print unit for small quantity customized gifts printing application.Such as T-shirt printing,Jeans Printing.Machine base on EPS core tech,Max Output A3(12.95″x44″),5 Colors CMYK+W Dark color Tshirt once print, High Resolution Max 5760X1440dpi,Fast Print Speed efficient work A3 size printing less 5 min .Auto Ink Cleaning and White Ink Circulation System could protect head Extend the lifetime of head.It’s the best choices for printing unit.


Can print any fabrics and colors,the colors are bright

DTF is New Technology in T shirt Print , can Printer T-shirt ,Sweatshirt , Pillow ,Canvas ,Canvas shoes ,Hoodies , Jeans ,Hat and etc .It’s Very popular now.

How to use

Use inkjet printer with software and special ink to print image on the PET film, color and white ink color printed out at the same time then spray with hot melt powder on the PET film, use heat press machine to heat up, after that put the PET film on the t shirts for heat transfer and you will get a perfect customized t shirt.

1.Machine: full set-up,worry free for the equipment connection and solution.

2.Ink:special with quality assurance.

3.Hot Melt Adhesive Powder:even powder to make sure excellent hand feeling and smooth image surface.

4.PET Film: hot and cold peeling available.

5.Installation and Operation Tutorial:Make your business start easily.

A3dtf printer

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So,you’re entering the wonderful world of T-shirt making and personalized garments – that’s exciting! You may be asking yourself which garment decoration method is better:Which DTF printer is best?The answer is that both are great! However,the method you go with depends on your needs and what you’re looking to do.Plus,each method has its own advantages and disadvantages.Let’s dig into the details to help you decide which is the right fit for you and your business.


Post time: May-20-2021