SGIA 2016 at USA

The SGIA show 2016 at Las Vegas was as huge and flamboyant as the city hosting it. We at ASIAPRINT were especially excited about this show because we had more than one reason to feel so. Not only because we have wonderful flight for 16 hours but also meet polite and kind people in Las Vegas.

We showcased the Luxury Calendra Heat Press – The most advanced of our times for the first time at SGIA Expo 2016. The luxury calandra machine that seems to amaze our customers with its high speed and efficiency was another highlight at the show. And we have one customer had ordered it before the SGIA, so we don’t cover too much expense to send back machines to China. The other attractions of our show were the large format flat 100x100cm(39’’x39’’) heat press. And the 3rd machine is 40*50cm(16’’x24’’) heat press with precise heating and PLC control panel. it is no exaggeration to say we did have attract most visitors and generated some new clients.

All these machines were tested with our advanced and premium quality fabrics at the show itself and lucky for us, we sold them all in SGIA.

US market is the growing market for heat press machine as Print On Demand is growing accordingly. We will keep researching and caring on this market by adjusting our market strategy. There are many leading vendors in the expo which accelerates our initiatives. So Don’t hesitate to contact us if your have more innovation ideas of yours

We would like to thank all who attended the show and made it a huge success.And of course a big thanks to all our loyal customers, without whom we wouldn’t be.

We are focused on generating new application-based and customer-focused business opportunities, especially printing & heat press solutions. Our experience is as diverse as the range of products we offer today, and we are proud to have worked with some of the leading promotional agencies, such as U.S.A,Mexico,Thailand,Serbia,Vietnam and so on. With years of manufacturing experience and the advice of our customers from all over the world, Jiangchuan Group open a new chapter– ASIAPRINT, aim at launch our brand and products overseas.Asiaprint will lead a new trend and revolution in the field of printing/ heat transfer technology. In the future, Asiaprint will keep improving our products and releasing more innovative branded products.

Post time: Mar-26-2021